Corporate Philosophy

  • We consider the employee happiness first, and by creating a company that makes our employees happy, we contribute to society
  • We take a mediating role in order to connect people to people by:
    • - Connecting our producers and our customers
    • - Connecting our customers to other customers


  • We try to imbue wine into daily life
  • It is our goal to provide a sense of satisfaction to the lives of as many people as possible in Japan, by conveying the pleasure of tasting wine

Course of action to work on in all employees

  • O   Opportunity     Increasing opportunities at every step
  • P   People             Placing high value on meeting people
  • E   Enjoyment       Enjoying our work
  • N   Negotiability    Carefully managing issues
  • E   Engagement    Improving employee engagement
  • R   Relevant          Harmonizing our sense of value
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